Captivation Technologies

At Anacore, we develop software applications and customizable products that help our clients communicate, collaborate and captivate. We do this by developing creatively purposeful software for use with the latest multi-touch technologies- it's what we call Captivation Technologies. The results are intuitive products and applications that help our clients attract and hold the attention of their audience.

Digital Signage / Interactive Applications

Scalable digital signage and interactive kiosk platform driven by a user-friendly CMS designed for non-technical users to manage.

Interactive Collaboration

Interactive collaboration and visualization platform that leverages the latest in multi-touch technology providing a more engaging and immersive participant experience.

Survey Applications

A highly interactive survey, assessment and training platform used as a lead-generation tool, knowledge-based consultation service, training portal and assessment tool.


Real, substantive communication does not come easily. It requires deft listening skills and a masterful presentation of information. To that end, we build tools that foster a better flow of information in order to create a more meaningful exchange of ideas.


Anacore Mediastation Anacore Synthesis Anacore Triage



Ideas get better when people share them. The challenge is to create environments where collaboration is organic‚ where it flows freely between all participants. Our products enable people to connect, share ideas, and finesse them in order to meet a common goal.


Anacore Mediastation Anacore Synthesis Anacore Triage